Technical data about electric, convective „Convector GE” radiators
  • Power voltage: 230 V ~
  • Temperature regulation range: 15÷26°C
  • Safety class: Klasa I
  • Level of casing protection: IP 45
    – protection from access to dangerous parts with a wire ,
    – protection from foreign bodies with diameter of 1 mm and more,
    – protection from stream of water (12,5 l/min) poured on casing from any angle.
  • Safety level: B
  • Energetic efectivity: Time of heating the operating area < 9 minutes ( real time – about 4 min.)
  • 9 types GE stationary + 3 types GE portable
  • stationary – moulded on the wall
  • – height: 20 cm & 40 cm
  • – length: 70, 85, 100, 130 & 160 cm
  • – electric heat power: from 500 to 2800 [W]
Tubular immersion heater structure

Tubular immersion heater structure
Immersion heaters used in electric „Convector” radiators:
1 – protective pipe (stainless steel 1H18N9T)
2 – heating coil (kanthal resistance wire D)
3 – magnezium oxide
4 – receiving lug (electrode)
5 – ceramic insulator
6 – sealing
Heating elements meet DIN EN 60335-1 (VDE -700-1) requirements, and have certificats authorising “CE” and “VDE„ labels.

„Convector GE” radiators’ structure

Excellent thermal contact of both materials.
Pipe ribbing made of  aluminium sheet of  99,5% Al purity –  what in turn gives a very large active heat exchange surface and very light radiators’ construction.

„Convector” radiators – users’ safety
Integrated automatic temperature limiter with contacts opening temperature 85°C

„Convector” radiators – low tactal temperature
„Convector” radiators give away more than 85% of heat ing natural convection proces
 Electric heaters “Convector GE” stationary

GE radiators in the stationary version are suitable mostly for operation in electric heating systems with central control provided with the programmable temperature regulator.

Electric heaters Convector GE-10, GE-15 & GE-20 portable

GE-10, GE-15 and GE-20 type convector radiators are portable devices: wheels installed in their legs allow for easy movements, the more so because weight of the radiators is small: 5.7 kg and 7.6 kg, respectively.GE-10, GE-15 and GE-20 radiators are used as an additional source of heat in the periods when central heating is not operated (off the heating period) or when its capacity is not satisfactory. They may also be used as devices for providing local heating. Application of the convection phenomenon in GE-10, GE-15 and GE-20 radiators assures equally distributed heating of the compartment and maintaining appropriate microclimate.

These radiators differ from other electric heaters in large heating surface, resulting in moderate heat which is friendly to the user.

Electronically operated temperature controI system allows for setting the required temperature and its continuous maintaining in the heated compartment.

Basic dimensions
Convector GE – stationary
Radiator type
Convector GE stationary
Height radiator
H [cm]
Length radiator
L [cm]
Width radiator
S [cm]
Radiator weight
Electric heat power
I max
current [A]

Convector GE – portable
Radiators type
Convector GE portable
Height radiator
H [cm]
Length radiator
L [cm]
Width radiators
S [cm]
Weight radiators
Radiators heat power
I max current
Install electrical convector heating CONVECTOR “GE”:

  • if gas is not available
  • if you don’t have room for a central heating boiler
  • if you have problems with fuel

Why Convector “GE”?

  • cleanest
  • centrally controlled
  • without piping
  • offers all the positive features of convector heating
  • 8 sizes
  • 8 powers
  • any configuration you choose
  • full gamut of colors

1) Lowest investment

  • – no boiler
  • – no expensive chimney protection against fumes
  • – no water piping
  • – no expensive pipe insulation (therrnal insulation)
  • – no additional space for boiler rooms or fuel (liquid, solid fuel, or LPG)
  • – inexpensive and easy-to-use equipment for installation regulation

2) User safety

  • no gas equipment (no danger of explosion)
  • no accumulation of inflammable materials (fuel!)
  • no fumes (no asphyxiation)
  • no danger of flooding your home (as can happen in the case of central heating water supply)
  • no danger of system freezing in case of break-down or intentional shut-down of the installation

3) Convenience and savings. Comfort and economy

  • simple and precise regulation; the temperature for the whole building can be set with one regulator
  • thermoregulating valves replaced by a very simple control unit at the radiator (capacity to contra I the temperature separately in each room)
  • no self-deregulation of the heating system (normally the water system is sensitive to changes in flow resistance because of clogging in pipes and valves)
  • no need for venting
  • a malfunction in one radiator does not exclude the operation of the rest of the system, which sometimes occurs in water systems (the system must be shut down and drained)
  • a given radiator can be dismounted (e.g. to paint the walls) without the need to switch off the whole system
  • noiseless operation (unlike boilers) .
  • quick reaction of radiators to regulator position change (no thermal inertia connected with the water’s heat capacity)
  • very high heating efficiency (just below 100%)
  • no energy loss due to evaporation
  • pro-ecological heating – no fumes, no solid waste resulting fram combustion
  • permanent stand-by to supply the desired amount of heat
  • freedom fram fluctuations in the supply agent’s temperature, which occurs in systems supplied from a heat distribution network
  • ease in measuring energy consumption, simple and inexpensive measuring equipment (meter!)
  • no problems with system corrosion and water quality
  • simple to mount on any wall (light-weight radiator)
  • heat distributed quickly and uniformly by radiators using the convector system of heat exchange
  • noiseless operation of fan-free convector heaters
  • a good substitute for an inefficient heating system in large buildings
  • innovative design making use of the laws of nature
  • high-quality materials
  • a modern-type thermo-controller
  • energy-saving
  • the highest quality and aesthetics of production
  • simple in use
  • small weight
  • uniform compartment heating
  • quick reaction to temperature changes
  • safety (thermal switch)
  • quiet operation
  • absence of harmful air ionisation
  • low touch temperature

A fully automatic electric heating system may be constructed by using electric radiators, ali equipped with a temperature regulator allowing the temperature in a given room to be selected according to the requirements of the direct user, even though the whole system is controlled by a programmable central temperature regulator. This programming device, which has several fixed and several changeable programs, can be used to program temperature changes in 24-hour and weekly cycles. It should be assembled in rooms having a temperature that is typical for the whole building. The programming device is simple in operation, and comes with a detailed instruction manual. Memory upkeep – battery supplied, power pack optional.

In order for us to like the radiators – they have to harmonize with the apartment, not only in shape and colour, but also general look.
Convector radiators meet all these demands: light, durable, dynamic, esthetic and energy-saving.
Radiators are painted into any colour form the RAL palette ( about 200 colours ) in powder method.